Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hunting Marfa Agates in West Texas

Here is a detail of our trip to far West Texas in search of Marfa agates. Let’s start by saying this is not an easy place to get to. It is truly out in the middle of nowhere. Don’t get me wrong. The country is beautiful. It just takes a trek to get out there.

We stopped off at a nice little rock shop in Marfa and then headed south of town on our journey. We searched for a couple of hours finding a small take. I wouldn’t say the Marfa agates are plentiful as it takes a sharp eye to spot them. We found about ten between the three of us. There was also petrified wood around of which I found some nice pieces. I gave them all away though only keeping the one piece in the picture below.

My finds hunting Marfa Agate:

There is also the very famous Woodward Ranch in the area that is well worth the visit. Unfortunately when we were in town the Woodward Ranch was not open to visitors and we were unable to go. Next time for sure though! I’d love to get some of the famous Woodward Ranch red plume agate. I was able to pick up some specimens from a local rockshop though.

As much as I love rock hounding, for me the highlight of the day hunting Marfa agates was our encounter with the wonderful Texas Horned Lizard. More commonly known as the horned frog. See I am a TCU alum and we are the Horned Frogs so I love the little suckers. My mother is also working with the Fort Worth zoo and Texas Parks and Wildlife to study and reintroduce the Texas Horned lizard back into habitats in Texas where they are scarce now.

So as I was walking along, eyes to the ground in search of Marfa agate, this fella rose up and caught my eye. He was ready to stand his ground too! He didn’t take off or even hunker down to hide. He rose up as if to say “mess with me sucka!”

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