Friday, December 16, 2011

Welcome to!

Welcome to my website TexanTreks where I detail my many adventures not only around the United States, but also overseas. I thought this would be a fun way to allow my friends and family to follow my travels and adventures as I absolutely LOVE to travel.

I also aim to help fellow travelers with advice on getting around some of the tougher places that I enjoy visiting. See I don't really care for the typical "sit on the beach" vacation. I tend to like the "get out there" adventures. Hiking in the Colorado Rockies. Rockhounding in Wyoming or West Texas. Gemhunting in North Carolina or New Mexico. Oh did I mention trips to London and Paris?

The real reason I got motivated to start was that I am planning a trip to Peru. So I began researching the trip and found the absolute lack of good information on visiting Peru. Sure there are sites out there with bits and pieces, but not really a comprehensive site where I could really get good details.

So now here we are with I'll not only detail my adventures, but I also hope to provide a platform for other travelers to come and get ideas and advice for their trip as well.

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