Sunday, January 8, 2012

Peru trip articles coming TexanTreks

Get ready fellow adventure travelers. TexanTreks has returned from a week in Peru and boy oh boy do we have some stories to tell! The trip from Dallas took 19 hours with 2 canceled flights, 2 missed flights and required four different airlines. Did I mention it was only supposed to take 3 flights all on American Airlines?

A wonderful day in Cuzco viewing the old churches and plazas. A full day in the Sacred Valley of the Inca with visits to Chinchera, Urubamba, Ollentaytambo and Pisac. Then on to Aguas Calientes and two days at the magical Machu Picchu. Finally two days on the Pacific coast in Lima surviving the crazy taxis.

It will take weeks to get all the articles we have planned written. Details of the trips along with the costs and travel details. So if you have ideas of visiting the beautiful country of Peru become a fan of TexanTreks!

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