Saturday, March 10, 2012

Machu Picchu - Getting off the beaten path and finding the hidden beauties

Getting off the beaten path at Machu Picchu can produce some truly wonderful experiences. I would guess that 95% off all the tourists that visit the fascinating ruins never get outside of the traditional sightseeing areas. That’s where I tend to differ a bit. I love the adventure and getting away from the crowds.

Let me say this:  No matter how many photographs you have seen, stories you have heard, or travel guides you have read, nothing can prepare you for actually being in Machu Picchu.  It is simply one of the most amazing places on our planet.  No doubt.

With a little extra effort I was able to find some wonderful areas of Machu Picchu that are not seen quite as much. I found areas where I was completely on my own with the ruins. Keep in mind the main areas of the mountain tend to be quite crowded as you can see from these pictures.

The best secluded areas that I found were on the far side of the ruins on the downward slopes. I was able to get into more of a green area that had not been cleared like most of the ruins. There was beautiful green vegetation and a lot of birds. It was quite magical with the greenery and the clouds floating past.

There are also some wonderful spots up the Inca Trail towards the Sun Gate. As trail heads upwards away from Machu Picchu there are some beautiful spots worth exploring that are tucked away in the lush green vegetation.

You will also be afforded some spectacular views looking down on Machu Picchu. Definitely some “picture taking” moments and worth the hike.

So take your time and definitely don't miss the main attractions at Machu Picchu. The Temple of the Sun, Moon Temple, the Royal Tomb and the main square are definitely not to miss. But also take the time to wander a bit off the beaten path and find the true beauties that Machu Picchu has to offer!

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