Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Visit to GPAA claims near Sierra Vista, Arizona

Our destination was the GPAA event at Stanton, Arizona Dec 29 - 31st, but on the way we set aside a day to check out the GPAA claims just south of Sierra Vista, Arizona.  The original plan was to go to the claims near Ancho, New Mexico, but snow turned us southward to Sierra Vista.

The plan was half a day at the Big Four #1 GPAA claim and half a day at the PC-2 GPAA claim.  Both claims offered easy access just off State Highway 92 south of Sierra Vista.  No four wheel drive needed at all for either claim.

So we hit the PC-2 claim first.  The GPAA Mining Guide offers perfect directions and the claim is easy to find.  The PC-2 claim runs along the wash in Ash Canyon.  The country is really pretty as you can see from the pictures. A fire came through in the last couple of years and the trees are scarred, but the views are still quite nice.

It was completely dry so all I did was collect material to work later.  I hiked well up Ash Canyon identifying sites before turning back and collecting material.

Time flies when you are having fun and before I knew it was time to head out to the other claim.  If you are going to the PC-2 GPAA claim have no worries.  Easy access and plenty of area to dig. Just no water.

The afternoon led us to the Big Four #1 GPAA claim which is only a few miles up the road from PC-2.  The Big Four #1 lies on the wash down Miller Canyon.  Once again access was quite easy and the GPAA Mining Guide was spot on.

There is water here.  A small creek runs down Miller Canyon.  It is only a couple of feet wide, but offers enough water for a small sluice or some panning.

Again I hiked way up the canyon.  It is a bit steeper climb than the PC-2, but not strenuous at all.

I spent a couple of hours collecting more material before a snowstorm came over the mountain and sent us to the truck. 

We were tired and ready for a good dinner anyway so we headed into town for dinner.  Sierra Vista is a surprisingly large town.  I did not expect such so far south and close to the Mexico border.  Plenty of good restaurant choices and plenty of hotel options for those wanting to stay.

After dinner we headed back north on our trip to the GPAA Stanton event.  Stanton stories coming soon!

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