Monday, August 19, 2013

The Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota

The next to last day of the South Dakota Black Hills adventure was set aside for Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial.  It is quite easy to get to the memorial as it is only a few miles outside of the neat little town of Custer.

The entrance fee to the Crazy Horse Memorial is $10 per person or $27 per car load.  One of the best pictures available is from the entrance gate itself.  There is plenty of parking at the visitor center which holds a very large museum of Indian memorabilia.

Here is my honest opinion.  The whole place is not much more than a big scam and tourist trap.  Started in 1948 there is basically nothing done but the face of Crazy Horse.  "75 years for this?" was my thought.  Heck give me some dynamite and a jackhammer and I could have done this much by myself over 75 years.

The picture from 1998 looks pretty much exactly like the site does today.  In the meantime, they are raking in the $$$$ from the visitor center, entrance fees, gift shops and tours.  Since there is obviously little to no work being done on the mountain, they must be making a heck of a profit.

My advice.  Don't waste your time even paying the $27 to go inside the entrance.  You can get equally good pictures and views from outside and save yourself plenty of money.  Just do a drive by and snap some pictures from outside.  Then head on to Mount Rushmore.  The Crazy Horse Memorial was worth seeing but not worth paying money for.  Make Mount Rushmore your priority!

My favorite part of the Crazy Horse Memorial.

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