Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Visiting the Wari Exhibit at the Kimbell Art Museum

I am a huge lover of Peru and the Incas.  On my 2012 trip to Peru we stumbled upon a pre-Inca site in Lima called Huaca Pucclana.  We really had no intention of visiting anymore sites as it was our last day before returning home from visiting Cuzco, Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley.  Heading back to our hotel our cab driver decided we needed to see Huaca Pucclana and drove us over.  Huaca Pucclana is a large pre-Inca site that had Wari influence and even has Wari burial sites within the compound.

Not a ton is known about the Wari.  Originally thought of as a warrior culture recent archaeology is showing the Wari were much more diverse.  Their culture is slowly being uncovered at several sites around Peru.  They had no written language, but created wonderful art, pottery and tapestry.

So when I saw that our local Kimball Art Museum scheduled a Wari exhibit it was game on.  This is the first exhibition of Wari art in North America.  With plans for a January return to Peru, I simply could not miss this.

The Wari are well known for their wonderful pottery and textiles.  The Kimbell exhibit has room after room with a total of 145 objects on display.  Simply beautiful creations.  Tickets are $16 for adults and $12 for kids.  Luckily I went on a Tuesday which just happened to be half price day!  Cha-ching.

The exhibit covers several rooms with each object set in its own display with an informative description.  Plenty of wonderfully painted pottery start you on your way.  By far my favorite were the spectacular tapestries and woven garments.  Amazing stuff.  Especially considering they were made 1500 years ago.

It took me almost two hours to make it through several rooms and it was well worth the time.  Huge thanks to the Kimbell Art Museum for bringing such a wonderful and rare collection to town.

The day just made me yearn for my return to Peru next January.  Look for reports here on Texantreks as I will be spending four days heading down the Amazon River, visiting the Wari site of Pikillacta, visiting several Inca sites such as Tipon and a return trip to the most magical place on Earth Machu Picchu.

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