Friday, September 20, 2013

A spectacular visit to the Palace of Versailles

Oh the beauty that is Versailles.  Words are not sufficiently written here to truly describe the majesty.  What I will emphasize before getting into the Versailles article is that if you visit Paris do not forego a visit!

The Palace of Versailles is situated ten and a half miles from central Paris and can be reached easily by car or train.  In 1682 King Louis XIV moved his royal court and government to Versailles and the small city and palace rose to prominence.   Construction of the palace began in 1664 and moved briskly for over forty years.  Famous figures such as Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI, Napolean and Marie Antoinette have lived here.

Truthfully, my expectations were not terribly high for my visit to the Palace of Versailles.  Earlier in the week I had visited Notre Dame, the Arc de Triumph, Napolean's burial site, the Louvre, the military museum and of course the Eiffel Tower.  I thought I had already hit the major sites in Paris.  Little did I know that I had unknowingly saved the best for last.

Upon arrival I took in the wonderful front of the Palace.  Let's start by saying this place is huge.  The front goes forever and is decorated with beautiful sculptures and gold leaf.  I stopped to take some pictures and buy my ticket to enter the Palace itself.