Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Birds of the Amazon River - Picaya Samiria Nacional Reserve

We spent four days aboard the Aria with Aqua Adventures traveling the Amazon River within the Picaya Samiria Nacional Reserve.  Twice a day we set out from the Aria aboard skiffs accompanied by a naturalist in search of wildlife.  The main thing that stands out in my head is the diversity of the birds there.

Beautiful raptors such as hawks and eagles.  Wonderful smaller birds such as kingfisher, orioles, swallows and the absolute most beautiful cardinals.

We were also treated to the magnificently colored parrots and macaw.

Check out this magnificent tree full of weaver bird nests.  The males build a hanging nest and then the female choose which she likes the most and that is where she will lay her eggs. The extra nests go unused.  This also adds to predator confusion because many of the nests are uninhabited.  The best tree I saw in my four days upon the Amazon River.

As you can see from the pictures the Picaya Samiria Reserve is home to a vast array of some of the most beautiful birds on the planet .  As our favorite Amazon River guide Georgie would say 'You don't just like them, you Love them!"


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