Saturday, August 9, 2014

Getting the Gold on Cache Creek, Colorado

Welcome to my latest gold adventure report!  This time I decided to head into the Colorado Mineral Belt and hunt some gold in the Leadville and Buena Vista area. Having never been to the area I did many ours of research on the intriguing gold opportunities as there was quite a gold rush there in the 1860s that not only drew thousands of prospectors, but also the likes of Oscar Wilde and Doc Holliday.

During my research I stumbled across Randy Witham's website where he offers guided gold prospecting along the Arkansas River in just the area I was heading!  Jackpot.  What could be better than getting the lay of the land from a local expert.  Not only could I learn from him, I could also get some local history.

My plan was to base in Leadville for three days and take advantage of Randy on day one.  Then I would go it alone the next two days.  After several email correspondences everything was set.  After my U18 club soccer team won the title at Denver Cup 2014 I rented a car and left Denver for Leadville. It was an easy drive and I soon checked into my motel ready for the next day.

I met Randy the next morning at 8am sharp in the little town of Granite which is about 20 miles south of Leadville.  Parked right next to the rushing Arkansas River and loaded into his car for the adventure.  Randy said we would be prospecting up on Cache Creek just a couple of miles above Granite.  We turned onto Lost Canyon Road and were on our way.