Friday, December 26, 2014

South Africa Adventure 2014 Video

I hope you enjoyed the three stories I posted about my South Africa adventures.  It was a wonderful trip even with the day and a half travel to get there.  I though I would wrap it all up with a video a made of the highlights.  It is my very first video montage of a trip and I think it was a success.  In fact, I already have the plans in place for my Iceland video for next summer's adventure!  Enjoy South Africa:

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Safari South Africa - My Big Five

Now that I have completed my five day safari in Africa I am prepared to give my Big Five.  All I heard leading up to the safari was "I want to see the Big Five".  Over and over again.  Heck, I didn't even know what the Big Five were, but that was what everyone was wanting.

I listened carefully and learned the Big Five were lion, water buffalo, leopard, rhino and elephant.

We spent five days and four nights at the wonderful Thornybush Waterside Lodge.  Every morning we were up at 5am and off on our morning drive in search of all the great animals.  Return for breakfast and a little relaxation before heading back out at 4pm for another exciting trek.   So over the course of our searches I made my own Big Five list from my sightings.

Here are the TexanTreks Big Five and I am sure mine will surprise you a bit!  I will start with #5 and work my way to the #1 best sighting of my safari.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The big cats of Kruger National Park at Thornybush Game Lodge

Ode to the Safari.  An event that pretty much every person on the planet would love to undertake.  After two days to acclimate and get over jet lag in Cape Town it was time for our Safari!  Up early an off to the Cape Town airport for our flight to Hoedspruit.

Destination? The Thornybush Game Lodge in the northeast of South Africa.  A two hour flight and we landed at a military base with an escort waiting to drive us to the Kruger National Park.  Oh the anticipation!

You name it and Kruger has it.  Giraffe. Rhino. Hippo. Impala. Kudu. Elephants. Mongoose. Hyena.  And I could go on and on.  But the cats are the main attraction.  Lions, cheetahs and leopards.  Big cats!  Top of the food chain predators.  The kings of the jungle.

After a hour drive to the lodge we checked in and were served a wonderful lunch.  A little break and then it was time to meet or guides at 4pm and head or on a afternoon safari.  The anticipation is great. What kinds of animals would we see?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Table Mountain, Cape Town South Africa

Yes oh yes.  I Had been waiting for this.  Table Mountain.  The iconic landmark of Cape Town, South Africa.  Known world wide.  Thirty six hours traveling from Texas to England to South Africa.  This would make the long trip forgotten and open my visit with a bang!

7:30am and I was ready to go.  Coming from the wine region outside Cape Town and hitting rush hour traffic slowed our progress a bit, but before long we were heading up the hill to the sky tram that would lift us all the way to the top of Table Mountain.  At the base there are a few little gift shops, a small deli where you can get simple food and drink and of course a restroom.