Monday, June 22, 2015

Big Crazy Family Adventure on The Travel Channel

Of course one of my favorite channels is the Travel Channel.  While watching a program last week I saw a commercial for a new show.  Big Crazy Family Adventure.  A family of four ( mother father and two sons ages three and seven) depart on a 13,000 mile journey from central Canada to a remote monastery in northern India.  Quite an adventure right?  Well they ramp it up a notch and plan the whole trip with no air travel.

Last night was the debut episode and I was hooked right off.  Packing up.  Selling the idea to a three and seven year old.  Canoeing on the Columbia River for a few days to catch a train to Vancouver.  It was a great start in my opinion.  A little bit extreme with the canoe trip followed by a luxury train trip.

The interaction between the parents and kids is quite fascinating.  It is all an adventure and nobody is quite sure how each day will go.  But isn't that what an adventure is all about?  It sure is to me.  I don't always like to have everything planned.  I like to wing it a bit.  I prefer to find out what is over the next hill rather than know everything to a T.  My trips are about exploring.  Getting off the beaten path.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

TexanTreks is off to Iceland

Get ready boys and girls it is time for another TexanTreks adventure.  We are heading to Iceland for a two week monster adventure!  Two weeks exploring the entire island.  Each night in a different little village.  And I do mean little.  The Capitol of Reykjavik is about the only legitimate city in Iceland.  The rest of the country is mostly small fishing villages around the coast.  The inner part of the island is almost void of people and full of wonderful adventures.  Iceland has 130 volcanos!

This Texan will be hiking inside lava tubes.  Descending into volcanos.  Exploring volcanic vents and mineral pools.  Visiting the most spectacular water falls in the world and seeing the original geysir.   Yes it is named geysir and is the one from which all the rest in the world get their name.