Monday, June 22, 2015

Big Crazy Family Adventure on The Travel Channel

Of course one of my favorite channels is the Travel Channel.  While watching a program last week I saw a commercial for a new show.  Big Crazy Family Adventure.  A family of four ( mother father and two sons ages three and seven) depart on a 13,000 mile journey from central Canada to a remote monastery in northern India.  Quite an adventure right?  Well they ramp it up a notch and plan the whole trip with no air travel.

Last night was the debut episode and I was hooked right off.  Packing up.  Selling the idea to a three and seven year old.  Canoeing on the Columbia River for a few days to catch a train to Vancouver.  It was a great start in my opinion.  A little bit extreme with the canoe trip followed by a luxury train trip.

The interaction between the parents and kids is quite fascinating.  It is all an adventure and nobody is quite sure how each day will go.  But isn't that what an adventure is all about?  It sure is to me.  I don't always like to have everything planned.  I like to wing it a bit.  I prefer to find out what is over the next hill rather than know everything to a T.  My trips are about exploring.  Getting off the beaten path.

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Going to places that not everyone goes.  My Big Crazy Family Adventure is right down my alley.

After the train ride to Vancouver the family hops a huge cargo ship to cross the Pacific Ocean.  What an interesting choice of passage.  I am sure it is many times cheaper than a traditional cruise, but accomodations? This is not a passenger ship in any way with tons of activities and luxuries. It is one of those huge cargo ships loaded with containers.  The exact kind I saw when visiting the Panama Canal.

The on board life looked surprisingly alright.  They had a pretty nice cafeteria.  Going out on deck was a bit precarious though.  The deck area was not built for passengers to be out taking in the sights.  I have to admit it was pretty cool though as the family had the freedom to go all over.  They visited below decks seeing the inner workings of the ship.  They visited the control room where the captain ran the ship.  Quite the learning experience for the boys.

Fourteen days was quite a slog though and the boys definitely were challenged to keep busy.  Then the news came that changed the trip dynamic a bit.  Instead of the original destination of Beijing the cargo ship diverted to a Russian port for refueling.  I won't spoil it for you as the family tries to deal with the Russian authorities.  It was a bit eye opening as TexanTreks has plans to go to the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

That is only the first hour of Big Crazy Family Adventure.  Entertaining stuff for sure and I cannot wait to see where the journey takes them.  Check it out on Sunday nights on the Travel Channel.

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