Sunday, June 21, 2015

TexanTreks is off to Iceland

Get ready boys and girls it is time for another TexanTreks adventure.  We are heading to Iceland for a two week monster adventure!  Two weeks exploring the entire island.  Each night in a different little village.  And I do mean little.  The Capitol of Reykjavik is about the only legitimate city in Iceland.  The rest of the country is mostly small fishing villages around the coast.  The inner part of the island is almost void of people and full of wonderful adventures.  Iceland has 130 volcanos!

This Texan will be hiking inside lava tubes.  Descending into volcanos.  Exploring volcanic vents and mineral pools.  Visiting the most spectacular water falls in the world and seeing the original geysir.   Yes it is named geysir and is the one from which all the rest in the world get their name.

We'll also be visiting Thingvellir which is the site of the meeting of the Icelandic Parliament in 930 which is earliest known democratic governmental structure in the world.

But before even getting to Iceland we'll be spending a day in good old New York City as I wait through an eleven hour layover.  So why not see the sites right?  I have been to NY once in 2005and saw some of the sites around a soccer tournament on Long Island.  This time I only have a few hours to hang out so I have four things planned.  First to the Statue of Liberty.  Then over to Ground Zero and the museum there and across the street to St Paul's Chapel.  Lunch in Little Italy is next before a trip to the top of the Empire State Building.  That will be all the time I have as it will be off to the airport to catch my flight to Iceland.

Once in Iceland it is time to rent a car.  One night in Reykjavik and it is time to be off to explore the island.  Grabbing the ferry to Stykkisholmur and then into the Westfjords.  Around the north of Iceland to the Lake Myvatn area.  Then over to Seydisfjordur and the east coast.  Southward around the coast to Hofn and finally back around to Reykjavik.

Along the way I'll be visiting the spectacular waterfalls of Godafoss, Gulfoss, Dynjandi and Dettifoss.  Seeing famous Iceland volcanos such as Bardarbunga, Krafla and Eyjafjallajokull.

The final two days will be the best though.  For one day I'll be taking a helicopter out of Reykjavik and into the lave fields.  There I will be lowered into an extinct volcano where I can hike around.  The empty lava cone is large enough to fit the entire Statue of Liberty inside!  Then on the next day I am doing the Black and Blue adventure.  The Black is where I will hike down and through an underground lava tube.  Then the Blue is where I will snorkel inside the MidAtlantic Rift where the continents of Europe and North America are pulling apart.  Word is that I will be able to reach out and touch each continent with different hands!

Iceland should be quite the adventure.  Check back next month as I'll be throwing up man stories of great Icelandic adventures!

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