Sunday, August 16, 2015

A day in the Westfjords of Iceland with Puffins and Dynjandi waterfall

If you are a true adventure traveler than the Westfjords of Iceland are for you.  Simply spectacular would be an understatement.  See, most of the tourists to Iceland never get anywhere near the Westfjords and boy are they missing out.  The scenery is magnificent.  'Stop the car' picture moments seem never far away.

You'll need your own car to do the Westfjords of Iceland right, but as I said you are off the beaten path up here.  I must warn you though renting a car that will get you out here is not cheap!

The plan was to stay overnight in the town of Stykkisholmur in the Vesturland region of Iceland.  We had no trouble getting from Reykjavik to Stykkisholmur in a single day.  After the night in Stykkisholmur we caught the Ferry Baldur to take us across the bay to the Westfjords.  The ferry took about three hours and is quite fun in itself.  Here are a few pictures from onboard:

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Surprises Await When Driving in Iceland

I will get it right out there. You will simply fall in love with Iceland. Rent a car and get out of Reykjavik. See the wonders this beautiful island has to offer. I guarantee you will be absolutely blown away. My first bit of advice is to rent the right car for what your plans are. If you are going to stay on the ring road the entire trip then an economy car fits the bill. Most cars in Iceland are of this type. However, if you really want to "get out there" you will need more. A high clearance vehicle is my recommendation. This will get you up over the mountain passes and allow you to see the sights most tourists completely miss.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Iceland Stories - Going Inside the Volcano

After nine days on the road we had completed the Ring Road and were back in Reykjavik.  What an epic journey full of amazing sights and wonders that it would take days to describe.  Iceland is pure brilliance.  For the final two days of the stay we checked into our hotel and planned on taking advantage of some of the great tours available out of Reykjavik.

For our first day we were going Inside the Volcano!  What could be a more true Iceland adventure than getting lowered 120 meters into a dormant volcano's magma chamber right?

A helicopter was rented and waiting at the local domestic airport, but we awoke to very strong winds that morning.  The helicopter trip was definitely in jeopardy.  Upon arrival at the airport we were assured with "the pilot thinks he can make it". I was good with that!  I was looking forward to a helicopter ride over Reykjavik and into the mountains.  The weather was just barely agreeable it seemed.

Into the Volcano also offers a hike in.  You do not have to take a helicopter to get up there.  They will pick you up in town and drive within range of the volcano and then you can make a 3k hike to Thrihnukagigur.