Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Five Interesting Facts About Gold

As many of you that know me well or those of you who just enjoy following TexanTreks have learned....I love me some gold prospecting.  Personally, nothing beats getting up into the mountains and going on a treasure hunt.  Sure it is hard work, but it is the kind of honest work that makes you feel good at the end of the day.  Throw in a little bit of gold and sometimes some beautiful red garnets and I love it!   I've posted accounts of several of my past mining adventures:

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I also enjoy reading about gold prospecting and the history of the old gold mining times and ghost towns.  Today I came across some quite interesting gold facts I thought I would share with you.  I am pretty sure you will find them just as interesting as I did!

Five Interesting Facts About Gold -
1. All the gold that has ever been found in the entire world would fit inside three Olympic size swimming pools! Just one table spoon of gold is worth almost $10,000. This stuff is rare!
2. Apple Inc - In 2015 Apple recovered a whopping 2,204 pounds of gold from broken iPhones. You see there is .035 grams of gold in every iPhone. So just in 2015 Apple recovered $40 million in gold. WOW!
3. An Olympic gold medal is only 1% gold.  The rest is actually silver......
4. The first gold rush in the US was actually in North Carolina 50 years before the California Gold Rush of 1849.  A boy found a 17 pound gold nugget which his family used as a door stop for three years before they figured out what it actually was!
5. Gold has been found on every continent on Earth, but mining for it is illegal on Antarctica

Monday, July 31, 2017

The Gold Cup semifinal between Costa Rica & the USA at AT&T Stadium

Saturday night brought one of my favorite things to town.  Every two years is the CONCACAF Gold Cup which is the soccer championship for North America, Central America and the Caribbean. Luckily North Texas always seems to get awarded some wonderful matches.  Thanks to my website Soccermogul I can get media credentials to all the games.  That means press box, field access, press conferences and even the closed training sessions the day before the games.

Last weekend I attended the Group A doubleheader in Frisco watching Costa Rica, Honduras, French Guyana and Canada play. Now that was a lot of fun but the real treat came the next weekend when AT&T Stadium hosted a semifinal match between the United States and Costa Rica.

Living only twenty minutes from Cowboys Stadium is quite a luxury as well.  The day before the big game I ran over to the stadium to attend all the pre-match events.  At 4:00 I sat in on the USA press conference and listened to US coach Bruce Arena deal with the media.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Gold Prospecting around Stanton Arizona

So by now I'm sure you have figured out from reading TexanTreks that I love myself some gold prospecting. The day after Christmas I left for Stanton Arizona for another gold adventure.  Stanton is about an hour northwest of Phoenix.  The town is nothing more than a ghost town nowadays with only a few buildings left but there is still plenty of gold in them there hills.

In the old days Stanton was famous for a nearby spot named Rich Hill. On top was called the potato patch because early gold prospectors found gold nuggets the size of potatoes just lying on the surface there! Of course that's long gone, but nuggets are still found regularly around Stanton with the washes and creeks having good gold.

It is beautiful high desert. A lot of cactus but some breathtaking landscape and views as you can see.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

A visit to Walnut Creek Springtown to see the Acrocanthasauras dinosaur tracks

Last week a mother and daughter made a discovery that made big news all across North Texas.  Rita Manning and her daughter were out searching for arrowheads in Walnut Creek in Springtown, Texas when they happened across a plethora of ancient dinosaur tracks.  So for Mother's Day this year my awesome Mom decided we would go search out the site in Springtown and see the cool find with our own eyes.

We sat out from Weatherford in the morning heading off on the 30 minute drive to Springtown. I did some research the night before and found approximately where the tracks had been found.  Let the adventure begin.  The site is quite easy to find. In fact it is very close to downtown Springtown.  It’s amazing that’s these have not been found before. They’re right in the middle of the city in a creek bed just behind a big park and playground.  Just goes to show there are still treasures out there to be found!

After parking, we headed over towards the creek. There is limited access to Walnut Creek from the south side.  But of course that is right where we ended up!  Down the embankment we went slipping and sliding. Here’s the view from the south side looking down into the track area:

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Day Trip to Chobe National Park in Botswana

One of the highlights of the African Adventure was a day trip and safari to Botswana.  I was staying at The Livingstone Resort in Zambia and the day trip was offered through the resort. It would be an hour drive to the border crossing into Botswana followed by a morning safari driving in Chobe National Park followed by lunch. After eating we'd be treated to an afternoon river safari on the Chobe River by boat.  Quite a day in store!

The driver arrived bright and early and we were off to Botswana at 6:30am.  An interesting drive through the outback of Zambia for an hour. As we approached the border crossing there was a line of eighteen wheelers all loaded to the max.  Truck after truck after truck all parked in a line on the side of the road.  Talk about chaos.  The roads already are not good. No shoulders and only two lanes. Throw in about two hundred big trucks and it was a total mess.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Helicopter ride over Victoria Falls

One of the excursions offered by The Livingstone Resort where I stayed was a helicopter ride over the famous Victoria Falls. I couldn't pass that up! Thirty minutes in length with two parts. The first part was circling the spectacular Victoria Falls.

The second part was zipping down into the Zambezi River gorge flying low over the river rapids! What an adventure! A driver picked us up and we made the twenty minute drive over to the helicopter pad. Right behind our helicopter was the most awesome baobab tree. Check it out!