Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Helicopter ride over Victoria Falls

One of the excursions offered by The Livingstone Resort where I stayed was a helicopter ride over the famous Victoria Falls. I couldn't pass that up! Thirty minutes in length with two parts. The first part was circling the spectacular Victoria Falls.

The second part was zipping down into the Zambezi River gorge flying low over the river rapids! What an adventure! A driver picked us up and we made the twenty minute drive over to the helicopter pad. Right behind our helicopter was the most awesome baobab tree. Check it out!

Onto the copter and off we went to Victoria Falls. A five minute flight and the majestic falls were below us. As you can see it was the dry season so the Zambezi River was low.  In the rainy season the water is careening over.

For reference, Victoria Falls is 60% higher than Niagara Falls and twice as long!  It makes Niagara Falls look little.

After spending about ten minutes circling and taking pictures it was time for the next part of the flight.  Wedescended and zipped over the crest of the gorge down into winding canyon!  It was amazing.

The rapids of the Zambezi River just below us.  The towering cliffs of the gorge on either side. What an experience. It was like being in a video game as we wound our way along the river.

After some awesome pictures it was up out of the canyon and back to the helipad.  A great experience and a beautiful way to view the wonderful Victoria Falls!

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