Sunday, June 4, 2017

Gold Prospecting around Stanton Arizona

So by now I'm sure you have figured out from reading TexanTreks that I love myself some gold prospecting. The day after Christmas I left for Stanton Arizona for another gold adventure.  Stanton is about an hour northwest of Phoenix.  The town is nothing more than a ghost town nowadays with only a few buildings left but there is still plenty of gold in them there hills.

In the old days Stanton was famous for a nearby spot named Rich Hill. On top was called the potato patch because early gold prospectors found gold nuggets the size of potatoes just lying on the surface there! Of course that's long gone, but nuggets are still found regularly around Stanton with the washes and creeks having good gold.

It is beautiful high desert. A lot of cactus but some breathtaking landscape and views as you can see.