Monday, July 31, 2017

The Gold Cup semifinal between Costa Rica & the USA at AT&T Stadium

Saturday night brought one of my favorite things to town.  Every two years is the CONCACAF Gold Cup which is the soccer championship for North America, Central America and the Caribbean. Luckily North Texas always seems to get awarded some wonderful matches.  Thanks to my website Soccermogul I can get media credentials to all the games.  That means press box, field access, press conferences and even the closed training sessions the day before the games.

Last weekend I attended the Group A doubleheader in Frisco watching Costa Rica, Honduras, French Guyana and Canada play. Now that was a lot of fun but the real treat came the next weekend when AT&T Stadium hosted a semifinal match between the United States and Costa Rica.

Living only twenty minutes from Cowboys Stadium is quite a luxury as well.  The day before the big game I ran over to the stadium to attend all the pre-match events.  At 4:00 I sat in on the USA press conference and listened to US coach Bruce Arena deal with the media.