Saturday, October 13, 2018

Rockhounding Trip to Deming New Mexico

Oh Deming, New Mexico.  One of Taylor and I’s most favorite places to adventure.  We never cease to find wonderful stuff every time we visit.  Deming is about an 11 hour drive from DFW so we decided to leave late Sunday night and do the trek.  That way we would arrive in Deming on Monday morning and have the entire day to rock hound.

I’ve read several accounts online that Deming has been picked over.  People say there just isn’t much left to find out there.  Well let me tell you, those people are knuckleheads.  Just think outside the box a little bit and a treasure trove of beautiful jaspers and obsidian awaits.  Maybe Rockhound State Park is picked over, but there is plenty of area around Deming to find wonderful stuff.  Like I said…. do your research and think a little outside the box.

I’ve researched the google maps and found a great place absolutely littered with jasper and obsidian. Literally every step you take brings a piece of jasper. Some of it quite awesome material.  Taylor and I spent about three hours at the “secret spot” collecting to our hearts desire.  Taylor found a particularly wonderful specimen that we both think is citrine on a base of rock and silica.