Sunday, December 9, 2018

Can you find the Hyena in the creek?

So we were driving on safari at Sabi Sabi Game Reserve in South Africa.  Just cruising along looking for our next leopard or cheetah, elephant or giraffe.  We cruised right through a creek bed.  A very innocent looking creek bed to be exact.  Nothing really of interest at all I thought after peering down the wash as we passed.  In fact here is a screenshot from the video I will present later. Can you find the sleeping hyena?

Nothing of interest right?

Well suddenly our driver stops abruptly and begins to reverse back down the road into the creek bed we had just zipped through.  Clearly something was there that everyone in the jeep had missed other than one of our guides.  After stopping in the wash we strained to see anything of interest.  Our guide said "hyena" and we continued to look.  Finally, one by one, we began to see the stealthy, sleeping hyena.

Talk about camouflage!  This hyena was tough to spot. Grabbing a leisurely afternoon nap in the creek bed.

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