Sunday, December 30, 2018

The Cutest Baby Rhino in all of South Africa!

One of our very best sightings over the entire seven days on safari took place the second morning at Sabi Sabi Game Reserve. We were plodding along with our two guides in search of our next “wow” moment when we came across a mother white rhino and her young baby. The guides estimated the little fella at four to five weeks old. What a feisty little one this baby rhino turned out to be. Zooming around. Jumping and playing. It was the cutest thing. Totally putting on a show for all of us to see.

The mother was so very patient. She observed, quietly walking along as her little one explored. All the while she was slowly getting the pair to her desired destination.

We sat back at a safe distance and observed as Taylor took all these wonderful pictures. The mother was relaxed and calm and our guides did not want to make her uncomfortable in any way.

That’s when the little rhino decided to show us exactly how tough he was. The brave little guy turned and ran at his very fastest right towards our Jeep. I’ll let the video Taylor shot tell the story. It’s just too cute for words.

What a little tough guy! Racing up to us. Then giving a very tough “look at me!” pose. Before racing his fastest back to his mother’s side. Everyone was cracking up!

We watched a while longer before leaving the pair to their day. What an amazing sighting of perhaps the toughest but definitely the cutest baby white rhino in all of Africa!

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